Gentle Treatment by Cold Pasteurization

Pastair is a gentle cold pasteurization treatment process which uses active oxygen, O3, to reduce the micro biological load of the product and make it safe for consumption. The process flow is continuous and fits into standard industrial processes.

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Numerous Benefits

The customer benefits of using Pastair for treatment of liquid foods are many and offer higher product margins due to competitive product and customer benefits:

  • Possibility to preserve the nutritional value of fresh dairy and juice products with maintained quality and taste
  • Preservation of desirable active biological ingredients
  • Increased productivity in cheese making and enable more tasty cheeses
  • Ability to better treat heat-sensitive products such as proteins, eggs, etc.
  • Clean-tech option by using excess ozone in cleaning of process plant

The Technology

A mixture of O2 and O3 is injected into the cold product and is maintained for a predetermined time. Thereafter the product is heated up to between 55-62 ° C for a short time to expel the remaining O2. Then the product is cooled down again. At this relatively low temperature, the changes in taste, nutritional value and other properties are minimal.

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The Challenge

What is the problem with current/conventional processing systems?


Waste during cheese manufacturing from low pasteurized milk

Clostridium spores survives conventional pasteurisation and can generate gas formations, which could turn the cheese into waste.
The solution: Pastair produce safe cheese with less waste. The Pastair solution can potentially give you 100% improved cash flow due to faster maturation process with taste features intact.

Industrial cheese production yields bland taste

Needs long maturation to develop taste.
The solution: Pastair creates more taste much sooner.

Loss of foaming property in heat processed liquid egg

More egg white needed.
The solution: Pastair maintains foaming property

Natural flavour change during Juice processing

Heat Pasteurization change some of the natural flavor.
The solution: Cold Pasteurization preserve the natural flavor.

The EMIL Unit

Pastair unit “Emil” is decreasing bacteria and spores in farm milk with active oxygen at the same level as traditional pasteurisation.


  • Product capacity: 1,ooo – 1,500 litres/hour
  • Product temperature inlet: < 5 °C
  • Product temperature outlet: < 8 °C
  • (30 °C if preparing for cheese)
  • Size bottom frame 1800×1500 mm
  • Height: 2600 mm


  • Pressurised air, 6 bar
  • Hot water, 67°C, 2000 litres/hour
  • 400 V AC
  • Ice water, 1 °C, 2000 litres/hour (Not needed if processing for cheese)
  • Oxygen from tube


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